Nairabucks was established by a team of experienced and brilliant minds who see the need for people to be able to raise capital and do any business of their choice. The motive for the creation is not to serve as a full time source of income, however it can serve as a full time source of income if an individual desires to focus on it. Nairabucks is a Multi Level Marketing system that was created on the basis of a self substantial matrix system which can never collapse as a result of it's limited levels of progress..

Nairabucks is orchestrated in a way an average user could make up to N20,000 - N80,000 or more in a week. The system is strictly for serious minded people that are passionate about changing their financial status and are ready to tap into a self sustainable system of network marketing. Membership on Nairabucks terminates when a user attains the highest level of the system. User interested in continuation could start the chain over again and register as a new user. An individual could have multiple accounts as this connotes mutiple streams of income.
This is not a Ponzi scheme, users are adviced to understand the system totally as the management will not be liable for any loss or misunderstanding. Best regards.
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Nairabucks is a multi-level marketing income system that requires a one time Registration fee of N3,000 for Beginner Plan, N6000 for Expert plan and N9,000 for Professional plan. With this amount you register an account with us and you automatically start our 3-Stage system as a Stage one user.
There are three levels to be completed in Nairabucks namely:

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3

• Immediately you register with N3,000 (Beginner Plan), N3,000(Freshman plan) or N6,000 (Expert plan) you are Stage 1

• When you refer three users (for Beginner and Freshman Plans) or two users (for Freshman Plan only) in your tree and they register under you with same amount, you are promoted to Stage 2.

• To proceed to Stage 3; the final stage, your three downlines (for Beginner and Freshman Plans) or two downlines (for Freshman Plan only) must have their own three or two downlines completely, hence your downlines are your responsibility and you are expected to guide them. Once they have their own three or two downlines completed. You get upgraded to the Stage 3.

Stage 3 is the final stage. You can then produce to cashout.


Purchase a coupon code of N3,000 (for Beginner Plan), N3,000 (For Freshman Plan) or N6,000 (for Expert plan) from only our recognized coupon vendors. The coupon code will be required on the Registration page.

Click the registration link: Nairabucks Registration . Fill in the details required on the Registration page e.g.

Username - Email Address - Phone Number - Upline username - Passwords - Coupon code - Phone Number
• Verify your inputs correctly before submission as wrong email address can not be edited by you later.
• Apply Coupon Code first before proceed to click on create account.
• Upon successful creation, login to your account.
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